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23 Feb Mercedes E Class Aftermarket Wheels – Zenetti

Mercedes E Class Aftermarket Wheels – Zenetti

Staggered aftermarket wheels for the Mercedes E Class will make the most dramatic difference to the appearance and stance of your E Class.

Zenetti builds wheels for the full Mercedes Benz lineup including wheels specifically made for the E Class.  We offer all our 20” wheel styles for the E Class with either 20×9 on all four corners or rear 20×10.5 rear or the staggered setup.  Our lightweight wheels will improve performance and handling.  We also clear the AMG brakes with all our Infinity Series wheels 20×9 and 20×10.5.

When choosing wheels for the Mercedes E Class proper offset and width are critical for ride and appearance.  It is important to make sure the rear offset of the E Class is high so the wheels do not stick out.

The Mercedes E Class takes a 5×112 bolt pattern and centerbore of 66.56.  We recommend a 47 offset on the rear, the 42 offset will also work with the right tire size.

The fourth generation Mercedes E Class is available in a sedan or wagon (w212) and in the coupe or convertible (w207).  Zenetti offers both concave and deep lip setups for the Mercedes E Class with the right offsets for best fit.

Recommended fit for Zenetti Wheels on Mercedes E Class Fourth Generation (w207 and w212)

  • Vehicle: Mercedes E Class Fourth Generation 2010-2015
  • Size: 20×9 front and 20×10.5 rear
  • Bolt Pattern: 5×112
  • Offsets: et35 front et47 rear
  • Center Bore: 66.56
  • Tire Size: 245/30/20 front 275/30/20
  • Zenetti wheels that fit : Venice, Baron, Milan, Esquire  

20×9, 20×10.5 setup with Infinity Series Baron concave wheels.     Continental Tires for Mercedes E350 in this setup 245/30/20 front 275/30/20 rear.

Zenetti wheels for Mercedes E class wheels: Baron, Milan, and Esquire.





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