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5 May Sixth Gen. Ford Mustang Wheels – Zenetti Perfect Fit

The Sixth Generation Ford Mustang is a car made for aftermarket wheels.  Zenetti’s selection of lightweight Ford Mustang wheels not only improve performance and handling but also add to the aggressive styling of the vehicle.

Recommended fit for Zenetti Wheels on 2015 Ford Mustang (GT)

  • Vehicle: Ford Mustang
  • Size: 20×9 front , 20×10.5 rear
  • Bolt Pattern: 5×114.3
  • Offsets: et35 front et45 rear
  • Center Bore: 70.6
  • Tire Size: 255/35/20 front   or  275/35/20
  • Zenetti wheels that fit : All current designs


Like a finely tuned thoroughbred the newly designed Mustang must have the right shoes.

Staggered 20 inch wheels are the best choice for the Ford Mustang and Mustang GT.  Zenetti offers all our wheels with the perfect offset and widths for the sixth generation Mustang, as well as previous models.  We recommend 20×9 inch wheels in the front with 20×10.5 inch wheels in the rear for the optimal staggered wheel setup and best stance.  Our recommended Mustang wheel offsets are et35 front and et45 rear.

Performance is key when it comes to Mustangs and that is why Zenetti lightweight wheels are the best choice.  Lighter wheels result in improved performance and handling.  The wider staggered stance improves grip on the road.  We offer a variety of lightweight Ford Mustang wheels including Zenetti Venice, Baron, Esquire and Milan.

All our wheels have both brake clearance and stance for the 2015 Mustang and Mustang GT.  Our concave Mustang wheels are all designed to fit all models of the Mustang and we offer custom offsets for customers that want more aggressive stance for their Stang.

When looking for Ford Mustang 20 inch wheels, Zenetti sets ourselves apart from other brands in offering the lightest wheels to increase your Mustang performance and enhance the vehicles already impressive appearance.  When designing all our concave Mustang wheels we made sure to design as much concave without sacrificing brake clearance or fit.

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