26 Sep Stylish Wheels Down Under – Zenetti Wheels Australia

The full collection of Zenetti Wheels are now available in Australia through Stylish Wheels.

Stylish Wheels has been in the wheel and tire game since 1998, supplying high end luxury wheels at an affordable price. With a high customer following and well known reputation throughout Australia.   The team at Stylish Wheels have earned the reputation for always being on the cutting edge and doing exceptional work and are excited to offer Zenetti’s lightweight wheels.

Some things are different in Australia – like the spelling of tyre as opposed to the U.S tire.  Australia is also unique for the GM Holden Maloo; this vehicle is what the Chevy El Camino would have looked like if it had not been retired in 1987.

  • Vehicle: Holden Maloo HSV
  • Wheels: Zenetti Baron Silver Brushed
  • Size: 20×9 , 20×10.5





Saul Berman