Stage 3: Customize


Infinity Series Overview


  • All wheels are 2-piece construction
  • Assembled using seamless Friction Stir Welding
  • Forged hoops and cast centers
  • Weight-saving machine work


  • Lighter wheels improve your drive, steering and performance
  • Stronger wheels with forged hoops are more resilient
  • Improved fitment with a variety of wheel widths and offsets
  • Big Brake and TPMS compliant

Benefits Of Our Lightweight Wheels

Zenetti is the first wheel company to utilize Friction Stir Welding (FSW), a technique commonly used in aerospace, to assemble multi-piece wheels that maximize weight-saving.

With over 5 years of investment and trial and error,  we are able to manufacture wheels that are lighter, stronger and offer more precise fitments.


Improved Acceleration

Be quicker off the line with our lightweight wheels. Less inertia from reduced wheel weight is a difference you can feel. You are technically adding horsepower to your vehicle by lowering “unsprung” weight — weight that is not supported by the suspension of the car.


Enhanced Fuel Mileage

Our lightweight wheels will also save you money at the pump by improving your fuel economy. According to testing by, a combined 3 lb reduction per corner (wheel and tire) improved freeway MPG by 5%. Even bigger savings are generated with city driving as wheel weight is crucial during frequent acceleration and deceleration.


Performance Braking

Brake faster with our lightweight wheels. You have more time to react to dangers on the road. Other heavier aftermarket wheels make it more diffcult to stop your vehicle, causing more wear and tear on your brakes. You will feel the braking performance in tight turns and faster stops.


Better Handling

Maximize your traction by lowering “unsprung” weight that you vehicle has to carry. Manufactured by unique technology, our lightweight wheels cut down the work your shocks and springs have to do to keep the tires in contact with the road over bumpy surfaces. We also offer wider wheels that further improve control by increasing surface area grip without adding weight.

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